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Network Spinal Analysis


Network Spinal Analysis is an exciting chiropractic technique that triggers the body to heal itself and develop a more effective means for optimizing health and wellness. It is a safe, gentle and effective approach for all ages.

         HOW DOES IT WORK?


When the body cannot process the stresses of life (physical, emotional, chemical and environmental) it stores them. These stresses effect your nervous system and subsequently the stress accumulates in the spine and consequently the spine subluxates.


In Network Spinal Analysis we utilize the tension and stress that the body is storing as the fuel to get you better. The technique teaches your brain and body to release tension and improve the efficiency of your nervous system.


The treatment involves the application of a gentle force known as an adjustment or an entrainment over specified areas of the spine. These areas are entry points into the nervous system that trigger the body to release the stored tension.


















Waves are involuntary rhythmic undulations of the body and spine associated with the healing response.


There are 2 types of waves:


(1) Respiratory wave

(2) Somato-psychic wave


Both serve to release tension and rock the vertebrae in their place. As individuals continue under care their wave patterns become more sophisticated.




Level 1 is about removing interference between the brain and the body. In level 1 of care individuals report improved spinal health, improved flexibility, improved breathing and increased ability to recover from physical and emotional stresses. Family, friends and co-workers will usually ask individuals under NSA, "What are you doing differently?” At the end of level one we see one spinaloscillator.


Level 2 is about "waking up again". The body becomes aware of areas that are stuck. The body may become aware of food or drink sensitivities. This level is associated with refinement to vertebral alignment and the development of second oscillator in the spine


As one progresses through the levels of care the spine, nervous system and other systems of the body function at a greater level of organization.


As our nervous system releases tension related to stress (physical, emotional, chemical, and environmental) our personal healing response varies from individual to individual and from visit to visit.

     As one processes an adjustment, healing responses may include:

  • Changes in breathing patterns

  • Sense of calmness, peace and relaxation

  • Changes in heart rate

  • Pulsations perceived throughout the body

  • Numbness, tingling, warmth, cold, itchiness

  • Body motions, twitching, levitation, coughing

  • One may re-experience past traumas (physical and emotional) thus your body may become aware of old injuries

  • A feeling of inner connectedness

  • An ability to see colors or auras


     Clinically one may observe:

  • The need to modify or reduce medical care

  • The need to change or eliminate medication or vitamins

  • Improved stamina

  • More energy

  • Increased adaptability to stress

  • Improved self-image

  • Becoming more dietary and exercise conscious






















Individuals under Network spinal care report.


(1) Improved physical well being such as:

            -greater flexibility of the spine

            -increased energy

            -stronger immune system

            -pain reduction


(2) Improved emotional well being:

            -moods more stable

            -less depression

            -less angry outbursts

            -sense of relaxation


(3) Greater capacity to cope with stress


(4) Improved Lifestyle:

            -patients under regular care report a reduction or elimination of drugs

            -being more dietary conscience

            -exercising more

Network Chiropractic Care is not only for the alleviation of systems but it is a means of enhancing one’s overall health. 

In 1997, a study based on 2818 patients under Network Chiropractic Care revealed the following:

Benefits were evident from 1 to 3 months of care and showed continued clinical improvements with no indication of a maximum clinical benefit.  In the study, a percentage of individuals were under Network Care for over a 3 year period and they reported continued clinical benefits were steadily perceived in every index of health measured and no indication of a plateau effect was reported.  Individuals under long term care reported a significantly higher level of perceived health and wellness. 

Clinically during the first few months of care physiological and psychological changes have been observed, such as:

  • Improved range in motion and flexibility of the spine

  • Improved mood

  • Sense of relaxation

  • Greater capacity to cope with stress

Correction of the vertebral subluxation is a means of enhancing the body’s inherent adaptive abilities, thus improving overall health.

Individuals under Network Chiropractic Care become more health conscious.  Many patients report that substances and foods that they seemed to be addicted to such as fast food, coffee, chocolates and smoking suddenly became very distasteful and / or upset their system.  Others have claimed that their body starts to desire wholesome foods, and it has felt very natural to make healthier choices.  



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