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A Regularly Adjusted Body Functions at a Higher Potential

Chiropractic adjustments align the spine and allow the innate intelligence that made the body to flow freely, which empowers the body to work the way it was meant to function.

I have spent a large part of my career learning how to best find and correct the primary areas that are subluxated (misaligned). In Chiropractic philosophy, when nerve interference is released and nerve flow is maintained long enough, the body will create itself normally. When this happens the life changing, life enhancing power of the body is released and the chiropractic “miracles” occur, like the two women from my first post who thought they were infertile.

Other examples of this that I have observed in my office over the years are the following:

  • After being under chiropractic care for 5 months, a patient who was on thyroid medication for 9 years went for her annual physical and lab tests. Her family doctor called her after receiving her lab results and said, “Something is strange. I have no explanation, but your results came back and they are indicating that your thyroid gland is working.”

  • A diabetic patient on oral hypoglycemic was able to stop taking pills and keep blood sugar levels within normal range while under chiropractic care.

  • Patients who have been constipated most of their life began having 2 to 3 bowel movements per day.

  • Patients with recurrent urinary tract infections stopped getting infections while under care.

  • Children with recurrent ear infections and/or fever became less prone to infection while under care.

  • Patients report stronger immune systems.

  • Women with irregular periods see their cycle normalizing.

These results do not happen with every patient but the more proficient the chiropractor the greater likelihood of these outcomes. Therein lies the paradox: the more profound the results that chiropractic patients report, the greater the degree of scrutiny and controversy from the public and the greater the lack of acceptance from the medical community.

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Dr. Campo's Approach to Your Care

Our mission is to serve our patients and their famiies with love, education and life-enhancing care so that they may innately express their true potential and optimal health throughout life.

The greatest healer lies within us.  I am acting as the facilitator to remove the interference thus allowing the body to heal itself. 


Once the nerve pressure is released you need to maintain normal energy flow long enough for the body to continue recreating itself normally verses abnormally.  If this goes on long enough it will reverse the disease process and the body will create itself normally.

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