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Honouring the Body's Priorities - Happiness

The purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct subluxations through the chiropractic adjustment.

This releases the inhibited nerve flow, thus allowing the body to heal innately. The result of maintaining a clear connection between bra

in and body is movement toward better health. My approach is to find areas that are subluxated and release the physical and/or emotional stress that caused it. I honour my patients in the highest manner by giving them what they need and in the order that their body wants.

The featured patient of this health letter is a female patient who came to my office complaining of low back pain.

When she came back for her second appointment she said, “My back feels the same but I am feeling happier.” She had the same thing to say for the next 3 visits and each time she was wondering when her back was going to start feeling better. On the sixth visit, she reported that her back had started to feel much better and she added that since she started coming in for care, “I have stopped using the ‘F’ word, which I used to say every day.”

After a good chuckle, I emphasized that I work by priority and I honour my patients in the highest manner by giving them what they need and in the order that their body wants. In some cases the body’s priority is different than what that the patient has in mind. In this patient’s case, her body’s need was to deal with the emotional stresses first, which in many instances can have a more damaging effect on health than the physical pain that she came in with.

14 Ways to Be a Happier Person

  1. Make happiness an intention-attempt to be and feel happy when you are doing an activity.

  2. Make a happy list

  3. From the list you made in #2, schedule time to do these activities daily.

  4. Reflect on your life and make a list of the happiest moments in your life.

  5. Savor pleasant moments- Become aware and savor how happiness is to be had in your everyday life, like when drinking a cup of coffee, eating, or having a conversation with family or friends.

  6. Be playful with your significant other.

  7. Find your sense of purpose-Happiness is also about doing activities that bring you a greater sense of purpose, life meaning or self-actualization.

  8. Socialize- The more one mingles and chats with people around them (including strangers) the more cheerful your mood is likely to be.

  9. Take vacations regularly to help you recharge.

  10. Perform random acts of kindness- Conduct 3 to 5 acts of kindness per week. Simple acts (a compliment, letting someone ahead of you in line, etc.) are contagious and tend to make all those involved feel good.

  11. Spend time with individuals whose company you enjoy.

  12. Have faith- Religious people tend to be happier.

  13. Exercise and eat right.

  14. Have a gratitude list-Daily, write down things that you are grateful for.

Adapted from:

We asked our patients,

"What Makes You Happy?"

Here are some of your answers!

Relaxing – Spending time with family – Doing a crossword – Love – Bike riding – My partner’s smile – Bubble baths – Animals – Time to myself – When everything is going right – Hugs – Laughter – Good health – Time with friends – Positive people – Sunshine – Eating a meal that was prepared with love – Upbeat music – The beach – Playing cards – Being creative – Watching my children grow – Dancing – Going to the casino – Meditating – Vacations – My chiropractic adjustment – Baking cookies – Watching sports – Shopping – Sleeping in – Going to the gym – Chocolate – Genuine support – Integrity – Making love to my spouse – Cooking a meal for my family and friends – Morning coffee – Coaching sports teams – Watching my family enjoy themselves – Walking in the rain – Reading a good book – Creating a floral arrangement – Drinking a good glass of wine – Good customer service – The smell of lilacs – Travel to new places – Feeling appreciated at work – Listening to music – Competing in games, cards and sports – Knowing the people I love are happy – Doing nothing – Watching my son grow – Creating a finely tuned bike – The holidays – Going for a walk and feeling part of nature – Helping others

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Dr. Campo's Approach to Your Care

Our mission is to serve our patients and their famiies with love, education and life-enhancing care so that they may innately express their true potential and optimal health throughout life.

The greatest healer lies within us.  I am acting as the facilitator to remove the interference thus allowing the body to heal itself. 


Once the nerve pressure is released you need to maintain normal energy flow long enough for the body to continue recreating itself normally verses abnormally.  If this goes on long enough it will reverse the disease process and the body will create itself normally.

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